Jan 9, 2007

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During most of the year Fairy Godmothers is a very small organization, however come prom season we need many volunteers to help us match young ladies with their perfect gown.

What does a Prom Fair Volunteer do?

There are many jobs to do at a Prom Fair. First there is registration, where we verify that the girls coming in are High School Seniors and Juniors. Next there are Area Attendants. This post involves keeping an area organized such as shoes, jewelry, gowns, dressing rooms, etc. Personal Shoppers is the most noted and most needed position. This job involves taking a registered student and bringing her through all the departments she wishes to visit. You can help her pick the perfect gown, or that matching purse. Also you would be an extra set of hands to help her carry the items she wishes to try on. Lastly there is check out where the eager prom goer can purchase her items. There are many positions to work at the Prom Fair and chances are you will find yourself doing a couple different jobs.

Volunteer Sign Up Form for Prom Fair 2007

We will be holding Prom Fair on the weekends of March 10th & 11th and March 17th & 18th at the Cheltenham Square Mall. To coordinate training we have sign up slots.

In addition to the weekends we are also maintaining hours on select weekdays. Students will be making an appointment and we will only accept a small amount.

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Set Up
March 9th

Prom Fair
Saturday, March 10th
Sunday, March 11th

Tuesday, March 13th
Thursday, March 15th

Saturday, March 17th
Sunday, March 18th

Tuesday, March 20th
Thursday, March 22nd