There are many ways to Contribute to Fairy Godmothers.

Donate a Gown or Accessory:

Donate your time:
We are a small organization, however during Prom Season we need to be big. We need many volunteers to help with the Prom Fairs.

Help Us Spread the Word:
Our biggest challange every year is getting the word out to the girls who need us. We want to be in contact with prom organizers in the Philadelphia area. If you are one or know one please let us know. Contact Us

Donate Money:
All organizations need money and we are no exception. We incur many expences and any financial assistance you can give is greatly appriciated. You can send financial donations to here

Become a Sponsor:
If you would like to become a Sponsor for Fairy Godmothers just write to Joyce Jesko. Current Sponsors provide us with Gowns, Make Up, and many other necessities.